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Name: G.D Sardana
Designation: Professor
Ext: 380
Email: gd.sardana@bimtech.ac.in



Ph.D. I.I.T Delhi,1988
Area: Productivity Measurement and Organizational Performance
Bachelors B.Sc( Mechanical Engineering)
Punjab University,1961
Any Other Degree Diploma in Finance
Research Interests
  • The first stream covers modeling and empirical research in areas of business and performance modeling,corporate performance measurement,service operations performance,logistics and supply chain performance business excellence and productivity measurement and managemnet.
  • The second stream research is in areas of collaborative comparative studies of India,Pakistan and Srilanka in areas of small and medium scale enterprises,industrial segments,business environment,clusters and supportive infrastructure.


Authored Books
  • Productivity Measurement for Business Excellence, 2009, Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi
  • Productivity Management: A Systems Approach,1998, Narosa Publishing House New Delhi.


Edited Books
  • Proceedings, A Renvoi on Case Studies in Management, 2005, Amity University Press, New Delhi
  • Cases in Management, 2005, Allied Publishers,  New Delhi
  • Cases in Business Management, 2006, Allied Publishers, New Delhi
  • Select Case in Management,  2007, Allied Publishers,  New Delhi
  • Handbook of Management Cases,   2008, Allied Publishers, New Delhi.
  • Enhancing Organizational Performance through Strategic Initiatives, Handbook of Management Cases,   2009, Macmillan, New Delhi.
  • Supply Chain Management for Competitive Advantage,   2010, Macmillan, New Delhi.
  • Positive Initiatives for Organizational Change and Transformation, 2012, Macmillan, NewDelhi
  • Building Competencies for Sustainability and Organizational Excellence, 2012, Macmillan, NewDelhi.
  • Reframing Human Capital for Organizational Excellence, 2013, Bloomsbury, NewDelhi.
  • Capability Building for Organizational Transformation, 2013, Bloomsbury, NewDelhi.


Selected Publications
  • “Fundamentals of Inventory Management “
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  • “Application of Value Analysis to Make or Buy Decisions”
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  • “Productivity Measurement of a Production System: A PO-P Approach’
    Industrial Engineering Journal, Vol. XIII, No.8, Aug. 1984, pp. 11-20.
    Won the 1984 Best Paper Award.
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  • “Productivity Measurement of an Educational Institution through PO-P Approach: A Case Study” Industrial Engineering Journal, Vol XVI, No.3, March 1987. pp. 2-20. Won the 1987 Best Paper Award.
  • “Productivity Measurement of Applied Industrial Research in an Organisation: A Conceptual Framework” Proceedings 2nd International Conference on Productivity Research, Miami (1989). Also published in Productivity Management Frontiers-II; Ed. Sumanta Edosomwan, Sink and Werther, Interscience Enterprises Ltd., 1989.
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  • Measuring Performance of Agile Supply Chains, MATS Business Review, Vol 02, No1, pp7-23, Dec. 2007


Academic Experience
  • Professor, Amity Business School, Noida, 2004-2005
  • Professor, IMT Ghaziabad 2005-2009
  • Professor Emeritus IME, Sahibabad. 2009-2010


Other Professional Experience
Duration Location Designation
1991-2003 Ujala Pumps Director
1990-1991 Precision Stampings Executive Director
1989-1990 Usha Rectifier C.E.O. – Project and Operations Management
at Bhimtal (Uttranchal)
1986-1988 Singer India Ltd. Executive Director
(Singer unit )
Director .
1969-1986 Asea Brown Boveri General Manager
1961-1969 B.H.E.L. Bhopal Prod. Planning Engineer
Achievements and Awards
  • Winner of Book Award from Delhi Management Association
  • Winner of Best Book Award from Indian Society for Training and Development
  • Best paper award in 1984 from Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering
  • Best paper award in1987 from Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering
  • Best paper award in1999 from Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering
  • Member, Emerald’s Literati network


Work in Progress
  • Editor, South Asian Journal of Business andManagement Cases
  • 2. Organizing and Cochairing, International Conference on Management Cases 2013
  • Case Development under Bimtech Center for Management Case Development
  • Organizing Case Development Competition


Research Projects

Four papers, under development for publication in International Journals

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